Friday, September 25, 2009

Rando Design Inspiration Friday!

Cool art table via abccreativity

I'm approaching this weekend with a bit of trepidation. I know I have a lot to do for school when all I really want to do is go downtown and shop around and hit up a flea market or two. OH WELL, these are the sacrifices I have to make for my future/school. I'll be at school chained to a drafting table. Not like the one above--they are all white and pristine but the one above looks like fun. I am jazzed that it's Friday because I'm pretty tired so here are some relaxing nap inducing rooms. Enjoy!

I love this kind of window here with a window seat. The light streaming in looks so warm and inviting. Interior by Courtney Giles.

My new favored designer is Chad Eisner. He has amazing taste as you can see above with that fun and surprising drum shade. Check out his portfolio HERE.

This whimsical coffee table keeps the room from feeling too stuffy. I'd love to have a soft arm chair like that one by the window. From Katie Sellers.

I would just love to skip out of work right now (at 10:30 eek!) and sit in a window seat warmed by the sun and read a book. But alas, I'll be out soon enough I guess and only to start madly thinking about rearranging a mini kitchen in an inventive way so that my teacher won't yell at me. What are your plans? Outside? Inside? With family and friends?

Alicia B.


Heidi said...

My super cute cowboy is coming to town (we have a long distance relationship) and I haven't seen him for a month! I have butterflies and I too don't want to be at work and it's not even 10am here yet! So lots of cuddling and talking.

Down Pillow said...

Love the second photo - I hope to have a space like that someday :)

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

how good is that pic of the phone in the dining room photo.. lol said...

That room with the window seat by Courtney Giles is so charming!